Sunday, 27 April 2014

My yr 8 students come to work-

I am very fortunate that the school I work at has a really close relationship with Lake Rotokare.
Geographically we are only about 6 kilometres apart. My 2 hosts (Melissa and Simon) are also parents on our board of trustees. Other school parents are trustees on the Lake Trust and other parents are volunteers.
The lake project is an important part of our school culture. We visit the lake as often as we can and we help out whenever we can make it work.
Over the years our students have been involved with planting, weeding, weta hotel building and we were a pilot school for a lot of the education programmes that Melissa runs.

I am super lucky to have the opportunity through my teaching fellowship to be working at the lake alongside people that are already considered good friends.

Last year my prinicipal and Simon (my host and BOT chair at the time)  finally sorted out an idea we have been throwing around for awhile- twice a term, the year 8 students would go to the lake and do some volunteer work that makes a real contribution to the project.

Earlier in the first term the students came to help with the pitfall trap monitoring. This was while I was away in Dunedin on my leadership course so I was a little sad that I didn't get to be part of it.

This time they came out to help collect tracking tunnel cards. It was the first rainy day in months, but as I found out years ago- rain doesn't stop Rawhitiroa School from doing things!
The 5 year 8s arrived in raincoats and sensible footwear ready to work.

Daryl and Chauncy looking at a tracking card

Rawhitiroa School Year 8 students and Chanucy before the rain!

Darrian and Karen carefully making their way down an 'easy' bank

Logan posing!

Darrian posing

Thanks Logan for taking a photo of me!

Volunteer work has been a huge part of my life for a long time (Mountain safety council, Land search and resuce, New Zealand Cadet Forces.)
Being able to introduce my students to volunteer work is really rewarding.
We had an enjoyable few hours together, it was great to share with them what I am doing. I am really looking for to term 2!

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