Tuesday, 25 February 2014

getting brave...

I got bitten by a wee weta through a plastic bag today! I couldn't believe it.
So I decided it was time to harden up! No more plastic bags for this weta hunter

Am not sure I will get to the point where I will handle them without a glove on though!
It is sooooo much easier to handle and measure the weta without using the bag.
Very proud of me!
My gloves are pretty sturdy and the weta seem to get their points stuck in the rubber. Meaning that they don't move much while I am measuring, I just have to remember to hold the weta in my right hand so I can still write things down (found out the hard way!)

This young lady did not want to go back into her roost and jumped onto the ground. I sat and watched her for a few minutes, she let me get really close with the camera. Eventually she climbed the tree and hopped back into the box.


Am getting really good at determining whether or not there will be weta in the roost before I open it. This photo was a dead give away that it would not have weta in it ..... dead weta blocking the hole! The roost was inhabited by a family of spiders instead. Weta are pretty particular about the state of their roost, no web, leaves or debris and they only like warm, dry conditions. Interesting aye!

I like both of these photos of this particular young lady.

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