Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Just wanted to post something on here today to say thank you to all the wonderful people who are helping make my 'Rotokare Residence' possible.

Thanks to my Mum (Zelda), Barry, Tash, and Sarah for having Ryan and Emma for me while I am away on workshops, courses and of course all the days that I spend at the lake.
I know they are being so well cared for and looked after.
Without you guys this adventure just wouldn't be happening. Thank you for believing in me and what I am doing.

I am heading to Dunedin in a couple of weeks time for a week long leadership course. I have NEVER been away from my kids for so long.
Thanks in advance to all the people who will be looking after them that week, especially Sarah! The kids are so at home with you and your family and I know they will well looked after (and entertained)

Thanks to my wonderful boss Jan for encouraging me to apply for the fellowship and allowing me to be away from our awesome class (and school) for 6 months! Thanks for letting me bounce in and out early in the mornings on the way to the lake. I really enjoy coming in to share what I am doing and hearing how things are going at school.

Thanks to Melissa, Simon and Chauncy for letting me bombard you with question after question! I promise to keep up the homebaking to compensate :)

Thanks also to everyone who reads my blog and sends me messages. Your comments and support mean a great deal to me.
Aroha nui.


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