Saturday, 23 August 2014

Back at school

There was no 'easing' back into school and school life! The first few weeks were amongest the toughest teaching I have ever done in my teaching career.
What made it easier was our 'sci-fit' sessions that I have been running 3 times a week for all the students at our school.
Our daily fitness sessions have been turned into science experiences for 3 15 minute sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The students are loving it! These short, fun, highly hands on experiences that are encouraging Nature of Science process skills such observations, curiosity, communication and prediction are really hooking the kids into learning more about science. Some weeks we have repeated the same experience on the 3 days because they want to change a variable or they want to observe again.
This programme has been a great way for me to work with all the students in the school again and start sharing my passion with them.

Forgot to take my camera the day we worked with slime, we were fascinated the next
day to see how the slime we saved has started to merge together to make
new colours.

Paper twirlers in week 2 fascinated the students. We trialled 4 different types of paper

Working collaboratively to see if 4 hands work better than 2
Observing the behaviour of raisins

One of the students wondered what would happen to the dancing raisin if you added cooking oil to the lemonade. This started a really good discussion on water pollution!

Ramp racers were rather competitive but really worthwhile in the discussions that took place. The first day each group looked for the 'best' angle for the ramp, the second day they looked for the 'best' performing car to use out of 5 cars. The third day we combined the best performing ramp and car and competed against the other house groups. Loads of fun and loads of learning.
I'm pretty sure the kids now look forward to 'sci-fit' as much as I do!

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