Saturday, 23 August 2014

Year 8 volunteer morning

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go with our 5 year 8 students out to Lake Rotokare for their morning's work.
These sessions started at the beginning of the year with the vision that they would teach the students the value of volunteer work, the opportunity to see some of the work that goes on at the lake and some exposure to see how conservation / ecology 'scientists' work.

This term's first adventure saw us doing some maintenance work on the Barrier Free track. This track is accessible for those in wheelchairs and pushchairs. It's really important that it is kept clear and as tidy as possible.

The students cleaned out and replenished the nectar feeder, trimmed trees back, cleared out culverts and other tasks that needed doing. We were lucky to work alongside Chauncy and were also joined by Chauncy's son Phoenix.

My biggest highlight of the day was hearing and seeing a Tieke up close. It didn't seem to mind us all being there watching it as it flittered around eating supplejack berries. The students were captivated by it's call and watched it with great interest! They went back to school absolutely buzzing about their up close experience with it.

I know they are looking forward to their next work day later in the term as much as I am!

All ready to get out and do some work

Cleaning the nectar feeder

Topping it up

Cleaning out a culvert

Pruning back some overhanging branches

Observing the Tieke
The tieke  observing us

Teamwork will always get the job done!

Never too young to help out. Really impressed with how caring and patient my students were

Not happy with just clearing this culvert, they had to clear the way all the way down into the marshy area.

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