Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saying ka kite to my fellow fellows

The following week, all 26 teacher fellows converged on the Royal Society in Wellington for our final symposium. A time to celebrate our journey thus far and prepare ourselves for returning to school.

The first day of the sympsosium saw us break into our 2 fellowship groups and do some focused work on returning to school. Us primary science teaching fellows were joined by our principals for the day so we could start to plan the self review that we would be undertaking in the term after we returned to school. Before getting stuck into the serious work, we were able to take our principals on a series of science experiences run by the ever capable Bridgette Glasson.
For some of the principals in the room, the approach of science 'experiences' being delivered in the way that they were was totally new. It was great to see so many of the principals having fun and enjoying what they were doing.
I think it really showed them a little of what we have been learning about and a little about how the approach to teaching science has changed since the implementation of the new NZ curriculum in 2007.
Learing new approaches to gather data while learning about the weather

Of course it was fun .... it also taught us lots about forces and working collaboratively
Preparing balloon racers- learning about trialling, testing, communicating and of course whose would go the furtherst!

New approaches for gathering data through learning about phases of the moon 

The second day of the symposium was really really enjoyable. We got to listen to presentations from the other teachers about their fellowship. Unfortunately due to only having about 3 hours of time, we were broken into 3 groups. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what the others had been up to and what they had been learning about.
I was extrememly nervous about doing my presentation and was worried that I wouldn't be able to use up the time limit we had ..... not sure why as I ended up being cut off at about 13 minutes without getting to the end of what I had prepared. I didn't realise how much I had learnt and how many amazing opportunities I had had in 6 months!

Certificates, chocolates, bubbly and photos then it was time to say goodbye and head home.
We started the journey as teachers interested in science education, we finished this chapter as science champions! Ready to go back into our school and make a difference.
Being presented with my certificate by our inspirational leader Jenn.

What a good looking bunch.... trying to be serious

I had to laugh at this- years of group photos and I have never had one like this taken before.
John Auty- don't give up your day job!

Thanks sooooo much to The Royal Society of New Zealand, The Ministry of Buisness, Innovation and Employment and to Rawhitiroa School for providing me with the opportunity that you have. It really has been life changing!
Thank you to the Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust for hosting me! Particular thanks for Simon, Melissa and Chauncy for sharing your life with me for 6 months.
To Jenny, Litchie and all the amazing volunteers at the lake, thank you for letting me tag along.
To my mum, Barry and all the wonderful friends who have looked after my kids and my dog- thank you soooo very very much. Knowing that Ryan and Emma were being cared for so well, made my task of being away so much easier.
And last but by no means least- To Ryan and Emma- thannk you for putting up with me being away so much. Thank you for asking so many questions. Thank you for the phone calls and skype calls, the lovely pictures you drew for me to take away and being brave when I wasn't home. Thank you for being so interested in what I was doing.

I thought that keeping a blog would be a bit of a chore and only started it because it was a requirement.... I have been pleasantly surprised! I have really enjoyed writing each post, I have loved the feedback and positivity that people have shared with me. I have been blown away with where in the world people have read my blog!
I am planning to keep the blog going to keep a record of my adventures at the Lake- and I plan to have many many more of them!

Aroha nui


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